Control your anger

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to control anger. Most of us are very calm people but We should admit that sometimes we are out of control . We all need to control our anger .
The things that make me angry are:

  • Rudeness
  • The lack of respect among people
  • The abuses of power
  • The “smarts”
  • the falsity
  • Others
  • Those who wear masks and pretend to be what they are not .

However , even the calmest people in the world often get angry. It does not mean we are bad or that there is something “wrong” with us. It means that we are just like everyone else.

How to control your anger.
I think it is important to learn to manage it, because in those moments, we are at risk of saying and doing things that could jeopardize our existence.
Here are some tips to keep the peace in those moments when angry is not worth it 🙂

  1. Change your lifestyle
    If your lifestyle is full of “angry things”, considered the idea of eliminating or reducing sources such as news, television programs, special readings, places, people, etc..
  2. Taking care of yourself
    It seems a matter of little account, but if you can not control anger, check these areas: sleep well, have a healthy diet, exercise, yoga and meditation have benefits that help you to reduce stress. If you can manage all these activities, you will have more patience and tolerance. When you feel good, it is easier to deal with people.
  3. Know your limits
    Avoid overloading consistently. Turn off the TV, computer, phone. Take breaks every so often from the noise and distraction.
  4. Resolve Conflicts
    Start constructive discussions instead of usual conflicts. Express your needs and make requests. Do not point your finger just to say “wrong” to another person.
  5. Letting go
    In the event of a conflict or difference of opinion with other person do not look for an immediate solution. Consider to discuss the subject for another time. Delay is not always a mistake!
  6. Anticipating anger
    If you know that certain people or difficult situations can not be avoided, prepare yourself in advance. Decide early on how to control the situation and what to do if you are unable to stay calm. However if it happen , consider that moment as a learning experience. Consider the idea to understand why certain people or things make us so angry and find a different way to approach it .
  7. Take a break at that time
    If you feel the irritation and anger get in the course of a discussion, say openly that you both need a break. Take a walk .Take a Breath. Get in touch with the quiet part of yourself and remember how much love or interest you have with the other person.
  8. Make choices
    You do not need to control anger with more anger. Remember that you can choose and avoid using words that hurt . It ‘amazing how much power they have and how the words sometimes fail to feed the fire in us and in others.


When we can not control anger, we usually use words which damage our relationships with people that we love and care about us. In those moments , the only thing we can do is apologize.

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