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    29 Positive Aspects of ADD

    1.  Sensitive 2.  Empathatic with the feelings of others 3.  Feels things deeply 4.  Creative in nature (incl:  in problem solving) 5.  Inventive 6.  Often sees things from a unique perspective 7.  Great at finding things that are lost (incl:  money on the ground or people in a crowd) 8.  Perpetually acute 9.  Stand-up comic […]

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    To open the Presentation Skills

    Debbie has presented at the following wonderful places: National Glendale, Arizona Safford, Arizona San Diego, California Los Angeles, California Fort Bragg, California Ukiah, California Santa Rosa, California Los Gatos, California San Marcos, California Hartford, Connecticut Middletown, Connecticut Fort Lauderdale, Florida Jacksonville, Florida Atlanta, Georgia Champaign, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Highland, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana Highland, Indiana Salina, […]

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    Dr. Deborah Estes offers a variety of training in the areas of leadership, teambuilding and effective presentations.  Her primary  interest is in the area of brain research, and how this knowledge can directly impact our professional and personal lives. In 1995, she established Estes Group, Inc., which specializes in training to both the business and […]